A submission hold delivered with authority in the name of dominance. A career ending ruthlessly aggressive wrestling hold.
Technique: 1) executer slips up belly to back of standing opponent 2) executer extends right arm forward/through opponents arm , suppressing arm in locked extended position//option would include grasping opponents wrist and locking it back like a reverse "chicken-wing" 3) with completion of steps 1)&2) you have achieved a HALF-NELSON. 4) repeat step 2) //variation optional// for left arm.
Hint: Remember to remain in control
of 2) while performing step
5) You have now accomplished a FULL-NELSON !! 6) With a firm grasp and maintaing holds as outlined in steps 1) through 5) Begin visciously thrusting back and forth from pelvis into opponent. Submission times may vary so be patient.
Some suggestions for added effect might include doning clergy vestments and reciting scripture during excecution.
...all the sinners would behave at the thought of father nelson
by Jannasauras Rex February 25, 2005
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A male will place a female in a full nelson wrestling maneuver. He then will bend her over and carry out his business.
I thought we were wrestling, then i felt a poke, that bastard gave me a father nelson.
by Trichizzel September 1, 2003
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A gay Catholic Priest. The name originates from a combination of recent scandals in the Catholic church and from the wrestling hold known as a nelson.

A half-nelson is when you are trying to wrestle or restrain someone and you put your arm under their arm and then bring it up around to the back of their head and then place your hand on the back of their neck, pushing their head forward.

A full-nelson is the same as a half-nelson, except you use both arms to wrestle/restrain your opponent.

A Father Nelson is when a Catholic Priest tries to sodomize you by using a full-nelson.
Eric married a Catholic woman who wanted him to convert to Catholicism. At first, he was hesitant, but after he met with Father O'Reilly, who introduced him to Father Nelson, he was overjoyed with the prospect of becoming a Catholic.

Now, Eric is always trying to introduce 18 year old choir boys to Father Nelson.
by Miles O. June 7, 2006
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