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verb:> to bag on; to call down, deride or berate a person for a poor descision or choice they have made. To insult. The lowest form of praise generally during conversation,in a group,with the subject present. Originally to place bag on; an ancient tradition whereby nomadic tribes of hunter gatherers roaming the steppe would bury an offending subject up to their neck and defecate upon their head to ensure the social order, often times the scrotum sack would be dragged across the subjects eyes. This would later be termed bagging on as in sport.
bag on,bagging on, bagged on
Hey man...I was drunk...how was I supposed t know that was a dude...stop bagging on me !!!
by Jannasauras Rex February 24, 2005

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A submission hold delivered with authority in the name of dominance. A career ending ruthlessly aggressive wrestling hold.
Technique: 1) executer slips up belly to back of standing opponent 2) executer extends right arm forward/through opponents arm , suppressing arm in locked extended position//option would include grasping opponents wrist and locking it back like a reverse "chicken-wing" 3) with completion of steps 1)&2) you have achieved a HALF-NELSON. 4) repeat step 2) //variation optional// for left arm.
Hint: Remember to remain in control
of 2) while performing step
5) You have now accomplished a FULL-NELSON !! 6) With a firm grasp and maintaing holds as outlined in steps 1) through 5) Begin visciously thrusting back and forth from pelvis into opponent. Submission times may vary so be patient.
Some suggestions for added effect might include doning clergy vestments and reciting scripture during excecution.
...all the sinners would behave at the thought of father nelson
by Jannasauras Rex February 24, 2005

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A reference to a females labia (as in the lips of her vagina) which after years of abuse and over indulgence have developed their own motor skills and as such have become profoundly large. In many cases as can be witnessed in the terminal bar whore variety the horse lips can be visible dangling pursed below the hem of many a mini-skirt slavering,rictused waiting for a meal. Some accounts mention an event where an extremely distended set of horse lips actually snatched a smothered burrito from a passing serving tray on it's way to a dismayed customer. Still other accounts warn of horse lips for they may hide horse teeth. A keen eye can spot horse lips on a pant clad woman...the horse lips will appear as two one pound slabs of liver jammed into the front pockets.
The velvety smooth horse lips enveloped her lovers head and he was heard from nevermore
by Jannasauras Rex February 24, 2005

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...once again another term for pooping
"I'll be with you folks in a moment I have to download software".
by Jannasauras Rex April 02, 2005

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1)autoerotic dry wipe 2)one of mommy's nightmares 3)an embarassing oversight 4)an encrusted fuck sock
Trevor's mom reeled in sickened horror as she groped beneath his bed and grasped a wet alabaster banana chamois
by Jannasauras Rex January 08, 2005

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A drunk chick with braces who does not suck as much as chew while performing fellatio
after about ten minutes that sausage grinder turned my junk into potted-meat
by Jannasauras Rex February 24, 2005

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little green nuggets harvested from the cavernous depths of a rotten spud
Say Jay that's a mighty fine crop of Jaydough you've picked
by Jannasauras Rex January 07, 2005

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