of the kindred spirit. they like to eat corndogs and anything that is not fat free. will travel alone when searching through the refridgerator, does not prefer companionship at the dinner table. warning do not corner this species when eating, they become extremely violent and have been known to eat offenders. stay away from the small refridgerator.
dude your gonna explode if you shovel anymore corndogs in your mouth. dont be a fat fred.
by r boccaccio April 9, 2004
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One of the many drug dealers on rhode island ave in D.C. Has a fat ass melon for a head and is fond of animals.
Me:Yo chris lets go beat down fat head fred for that vicious ass north face he got.
Chris:aight son lets call paul and hobo first for back up then we goin to beat down slummy.
Me:thats cool wit me, we can sell that green bike he got on ebay for 55 dollars.
by zxulu the big lip bandit October 21, 2004
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