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someone who has fat pockets is rich, aka their pockets are so big from all the bills/notes/money they are carrying in them.

can also be fat pockets
wow how'd that bitch get so fat pocketed??

psh, she is a golddigga fo sho, look at her with that old fat pocket!

damn that dude is one fat pocket look at his new ferrari!
by A-Dogg to the Izzle December 11, 2005
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somebody who got lots of money
look at that jag hes drivin - he must have some fat pockets
by tanga-ray January 06, 2005
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Parts of the body that sticks out an inch or so; when you grab at the body part it's a hand full of flab which equates to a pocket of change.
The Fat po'cket on her arms jiggle like Jell-O.

Due to my Fat po'cket I had to lie down, to squeeze into my jeans.
by Honestle September 10, 2010
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Fat pockets are essentially "pockets of fat" that can be found almost anywhere on the body. They are commonly called lovehandles, double chins, thunderthighs, and kankles. These "pockets" are basically large and noticeable groupings of fat. They are embarrassing and WILL attract negative attention.
1)"Eww... check out those fat pockets hanging out of Catie's enormity... she should put on a damn sweater."

2)"Jesusgod, Taylor, my eyes! Them fat pockets of yours are fucking nasty!"
by Fatman-Ugly Person May 05, 2007
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On horribly obese people it is the fat hanging from the
groin region, as in a second extended pocket of fat, situated below the hyperextended primary fat pocket, the stomach.usually smells fishy due to urine drippings becoming
stuck in the creases.Needs to be hosed daily to remove stink
and smegma.
My chick has a serious fatpocket! it smells like bad tuna !
by Oh David - you so Sexy April 23, 2007
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1. noun,One who has fat pockets is one who has a lot of money. sentence, That Pimp has some fatpockets, playa. 2. noun, A female with a large posterior region in really tight pants or shorts. 3. adjective, The point of which the band has come together as a whole to become one funky unit and produce what is known as a groove but on a larger scale. sentence, Stevie Wonder.
sentence D@#n, that lady got some fatpockets, I am gonna be hittin on that shizzle tonight, playa.
by bflat August 29, 2009
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