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a variation of the word "fishnet."
also, a tag-along that causes trouble


Three guys were on a wild and crazy spring break trip, trying to catch fish on a beach. Two of the guys were fairly smart and brought fishing poles; the third was clueless. The two intelligable guys told the third to go to the store and get some fishnet so he could help reel in the fish. This ingrade bought a set of fishnet that would not be suitable for a hooker.

This would be enough to warrant him the nickname, "fishnet." However, it only begins to explain the story.
The two aforementioned fishermen were serious about their trade and continued fishing while the tag-along guy splashed in the water flinging his pair of trashy pantyhose around. This of course scared off the fish, but inadvertanly attracted a somewhat more important catch.
A Cuban refugee had washed up into the breaking waves and paddled his way towards the thrashing idiot savant. Hearing the Cuban and thinking him a fish, this blockhead cast his "fishnet" out and cought him a large, bald, angry Cuban.

After a large scene with much tangled fishnet (we'll call it his big fat Cuban webbing), a beah cop was called in to investigate the ruckus. The fist person he talked to was the Cuban, a great thing because the two good semartians were horse from screaming "Let go of the Fishnet." From a distance, these very two could hear the Cuban screaming the Spanish equivillant of "he strangled me with Fashnek."

The cop, assuming the Cuban was drunk partyboy, could not ascertain what the hell a "fashnek" was and let all of us go without any trouble.

So, therefore, the third wheel became known as "Fashnek," and the term has been broadened to mean a third wheel that brings unnessecary trouble along with him. A Fashnek is the friend who does something stupid which, inescapabely, gets you in deeper trouble than anything maliscious would.
Oh, great, I've got to ride with the Fashnek? There's no telling what he'll do. He'll probably start spitting out the window and hit the windowshield of a state patrol car. Or he'll be doing Chinese Firedrills over and over, and when I go out to get him back in the car, I'll get hit by a Range Rover going 60 around a bend in the middle of the night.
by Andrew Fowler January 01, 2004
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