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The act when an individual or couple leaves a get-together, party, dinner, or any friendly occasion hours before it is to end. This person or couple is usually very lame in nature/personality and often trys to make their friends believe that they have more important things to do then hangout with their friends. As a result of this, this person or couple is very lonely and is always annoyingly calling his/her friends looking for the next cool or exciting thing to do, but rarely comes out to enjoy.
Steve: Hey, where did Nicole go?
Rachel: Oh, she left fashionably early again.
Steve: I should have figured. She's running home to go be with her husband she never has anything good to say about.
Rachel: Yup, you guessed it dude.
(a cell phone rings)
Rachel: One second. Oh, look who's calling. (picks up)
Nicole: Hey, what's up?
Rachel: Not much.
Nicole: Hey, is there anything going on tonight?
Rachel: Yeah!?! This awesome party you just left. Speaking of. Why did you leave?
Nicole: Uh? (pause) I don't know?
by frankie chaos August 12, 2008
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