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1. (v) To expel santorum (ejaculate, lubricant, and stray fecal matter) left in the anus after anal sex. Usually done while sitting on the toilet as if farting or shitting. Often accompanied by wet fart noises.

2. (n) Another word for santorum. The substance which you fartjaculate.
(v) After anal sex, Pete likes to sit on the toilet and loudly fartjaculate. He takes the time to reflect, and enjoy the after-tremors of a great anal orgasm.

(n) Tina: "OMG. The most embarrassing thing happened last night."
Lori: "Yeah?"
Tina: "Tommy fucked me up the ass before we went to the Nikki Minaj concert. I thought I was clear, but the last remnants of fartjaculate dripped down my leg during Anaconda. Why can it never all come out in one go?!"
by Mouflon Noir July 03, 2016
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