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Something to enhance the effectiveness of your flatulence. Examples are vienna franks, coffee, warm beer, beets, most anything found on the food shelves of 24 hour markets.
Tom was blowing me out the car with his farts.

What did you do?

I stopped at the Food Mart and got some fartiments...a bag of Cheetos, a can of vienna franks, a warm PBR, and a can of beans. In around 10 minutes I let go a wet one. He was hanging his head out the window and crying like a rat eating onions.
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Those kind of compliments that get said as a result of a brain fart or something utterly obvious.
A compliment coming from the obviousphere, showing such ignorance that you should be ashamed receive it or even appreciate it.

Mostly seen on socials, as a result of a boner draining too much blood from the brain.
"Woa, look at Sissy's video! She's so good at dancing!" (sarcasm)
"Lemme see! OMG, let me comment it! (thethirst is real now): <<WOA SISSY I LOVE THE WAY YOU DANCE MOVING YOUR MODY AT THE SOUND OF MUSIC!"
"Well, duh, what a compliment, I'm about to get envious..." (sarcasm)
"She's so talented at dancing so dancily dancing, with all those dancy moves!>>"
"Quite a fartiment indeed..."
by NeatWolf May 21, 2018
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