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The act of farting in a public place while accompanied by one or more persons and immediately walking away from said person(s). Fart and flee is most effective and hilarious when executed in a retail store (i.e. Walmart) which is crowded so that the person(s) you leave behind is assumed to be the culprit. In order to successfully fart and flee, it is important to keep a straight face as passerbys look with horror at the person(s) being wrongfully blamed. Fart and flee occurs more frequently during the holiday season as shoppers are out for hours and their usual eating habits are interrupted.
Jane: "Ohmigosh, I was in Old Navy with John and he totally pulled a fart and flee. As I was asking the salesgirl where I could find the $5 performance fleece scarves, she nearly gagged on the smell and glared at me before 'pretending' to receive a call on her employee headset. Meanwhile, John was trying not to laugh as he watched me from the polo shirt display with his face bright red."
by Truthseekah December 06, 2010
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