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A farqua is something you would call someone you wish to put on a lower level. A farqua is a douschbag, fag, loser, idiot, a farqua is a retard. it can also be a little shithead. a sprout. a dork, yet farqua is a sarcastic, yet truthful terminology.
when some does something dorkish or weird, call them a farqua.

when a guy is checking you out and nods his head to let yo know that he is looking at you then suddenly trips in front of you.. this would be an appropriate time to call out the word farqua.

when some nerd in class gets an A on a test that you needed to get an A on, but you suck and have a better social life... you should call them a farqua

when someone thinks their funny, call them are farqua.
by Lo (the biggest) May 01, 2009
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