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When two fandoms get into a fight over which fandom is better
Person 1: EXO is better!
Person 2: No, BTS is better!
Person 3: Let's not start any fanwars, please.
by redandsymmetry August 03, 2016
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When a fandom and other fandom(s) fight about something that sometimes are not that important. But sometimes fanwar can also be only one fandom fighting each other.
" Baekhyun wore that shirt first before Chanyeol did. Chanyeol copied Baekhyun style 😤"
" no, Chanyeol wore that first! "

"nct 127 is more talented than nct u smh"
"lol the members are litteraly the same?"
"well their talent is different in each unit"

by mark lee slayed me August 05, 2018
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