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But by and by, sure enough, I catched a glimpse of fire away through the trees. I went for it, cautious and slow. By and by I was close enough to have a look, and there laid a man on the ground. It most give me the fantods. --Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn
by Chuck kuhlman July 06, 2006
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"Man, normally I'da been cool with that shit my gal pulled, but damn if I didn't have the fantods somethin' fierce."

"Don't fuck with me today, I've got the fuckin' fantods."

"I put my fist through the wall for no good reason, gotta be the fantods."
by Arsefacer June 21, 2007
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An irritated state. When having a fantod, people talk faster and move their hands around more often then normal. Often happens to those who worry about college and/ or are doing too many extracuricular activities.
"Don't have a fantod...."
by Smocko November 06, 2004
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