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a hyrbid of the words "fantastic" and "spectacular," meaning great superiority over something. Invented by the tongue, most likely when she was intoxicated.
"That's so fantacular! Stopppppppp!"
by this guy she knows May 22, 2006
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Adjective meaning both Fantastic and Spectacular at the same time
Wow! Did you see that fantacular girl pass by?
by Asyrol April 28, 2003
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1. (adj.) This term combines the words "fantastic" and "spectacular." It is generally used sarcastically to describe something that one expects to be of good quality, but turns out not to be so.

2. (adj.) Cool or attractive, but in a corny, goofy, or nerdy way.
1. "After all that hype, I thought I was going to like the Harry Potter movie. I even waited in line for six hours. That's just fantacular."

2. "Check out that guy's Chewbacca costume. It's freakin' fantacular."
by Jimboroni November 29, 2005
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