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The Family Guy Drinking Game involves two or more contestants. The contestants watch an entire season DVD of Family Guy episodes.

The object of the game is to imbibe an alcoholic beverage every time a non-sequitur or flashback is made throughout an episode.

The goal of the Family Guy Drinking Challenge is to maintain mental lucidity. After successfully watching an entire season DVD of Family Guy, the contestant who is unblurred and clearheaded is declared the winner.

If the entire contestant group is largely sober after successfully completing the game. Then the game proceeds to another round. Another season DVD is played and the game restarts.
Jeff: GOD! It's Friday night and I have nuthin to do as usual!

Ryan: Jeez calm down bro, I found a drinkin game for us.

Jeff: Like what....Quarters?

Ryan: Nah it's the Family Guy Drinking Game.

Jeff: How do ya play it?

Ryan: Real easy bro, just watch a DVD of Family Guy and drink every time the characters make those "This reminds me of that one time...." flashback jokes.

Jeff: Duuude! That's like a 100 times per episode... Were gonna get trashed!

Ryan: Let's call Seth!
by Define Me! July 26, 2009
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