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falterdan, noun, exclamatory.

A universal cuss word, similar to Battlestar Galactica's "faldercarb" first appearing in 'Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue' as being spoken by Gooboo Steve, as well as appearing in 'Blade Kitten'.

Origin: Created by Steve Stamatiadis as a kid due to a misheard line in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Steve Stamatiadis voiced the character Gooboo Steve, who is also jokingly modeled after him.

|"When I was a kid I thought the line from "The Empire Strikes Back" when Luke is crashing into Dagobah was "All this falterdan, I can't see a thing!" - it is actually "All the scopes are dead, I can't see a thing!".

It makes more sense when you realize Battlestar Galactica was using "Faldercarb" as a stand in space cuss word at the time. So Falterdan made plenty of sense.

It was another Star Wars fan friend who suggested I should use it. So I do. As does Gooboo Steve for good reason ;) Oh yeah you'll also find it used a lot in Blade Kitten."|

|"Gooboo Steve was jokingly modeled after Steve Stamatiadis of Krome Studios, who had a major part in making the games. Stamatiadis uses the alias "Gooboo Steve" on several websites, and also did the voice acting for the character."|
That douchebag Kyle is a steaming pile of falterdan!
by BigButteryBiscuit June 28, 2018
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