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the elite road in baltimore maryland, where only the best live and if you dont, you know you want to. Some of the best private schools in the area are on falls road, including Maryvale Preparatory and St. Pauls. Falls road gets you everywhere: padonia, ivy hill, shawan, hunt valley, seminary, green spring. Falls road is extremly expensive and its only gonna get worse...if you dont live her never will.
"Yea the party is off Falls Road."
"Falls Road? Damnn!"
by what eva May 02, 2005
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A 3 mile long road in Belfast, Northern Ireland stuffed to the brim with dole scroungers, smelly unwashed bastards, terrorist cunts, millies and spides, kids who don't know who the fuck their da is, females who walk the streets in their pj's and slippers at all times of the day.

No major boys schools on the road because they don't need education as they only aspire to signing on the dole, stealing, drinking and mugging people weaker than themselves.

Wear a tie on the Falls Road and the spides are sure to kick your head in coz you look like a fucken queer boy.
My brother is going out with a millie from the Falls Road, the eejit can't string two words together and thinks the PIL is a band formed by Johnny Rotten after the Sex Pistols split. He needs his head luckin at going out wer thon one.
by undisclosed desires February 25, 2010
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A road in Baltimore, Maryland that runs through many places like Mt. Washington. Off of it are many high price private schools like Maryvale Prep and St Johns. Also off of it is historic Mt. Washington and Meadowbrook the training place of Olympian michael phelps.
by Falls Road Man October 26, 2008
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