Fall Out Boy is a band with amazing lyrics and songs that's not particularly famous (I can't figure out why). I recommend "Tell that mick he just made my list of things ot do today", "grand theft autumn", and "nobody puts baby in the corner". Along with their entire new album, "Take This To Your Grave".
i hope you choke on those words, that kiss, that bottle
so bury me in memory
now ash yourself, yeah, out on the inside
said i loved you but i lied...
by i dont know. November 14, 2004
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there are so many bitch fall out boy haters who dont even know what emo IS or why they hate it. fall out boy is in my opinion a fantastic band, and if you dont like them, dont LISTEN to them, dumbasses, dont just call them fags and think it makes you cool. hating FOB doesnt make you cool or different, and neither does liking them. if you like them, good for you! music is an escape. the lyrics are awesome. and all you FOB haters, have you even LISTENED to the lyrics? ignore what they look like or who their fans are and try to focus on appreciating their fucking MUSIC. FOB started in chicago, pretty much at the bottom of it all, NOT founded by 14-year-old fangirls, and worked their way to the top with actual talent. you're not being all cool and interesting by calling them gay emos. emo isn't a group of guys sitting around in tight pants and makeup and slitting their wrists or crying to their counselors. emo is a type of music, idiots. someone whos "emo" just means theyre more in touch with their feelings, or they like the color black, according to some people. but before you use "emo" as an insult, try finding out what it MEANS first! anyway, fall out boy is a band based on talent and interest, and if you dont like em, bite your tongue and whatever you were gonna say, shove it up your ass.
fangirl: the new fall out boy CD is totally fabu! pete wentz is yummalicious!
me: yeeeeeeeah. the new cd IS pretty good. petes a good singer and all but...wha?...nevermind. whatever you say.
by blujay August 10, 2007
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1. noun: band of tossers; horrible vocals to horrible 'music' provided by lead singer who constantly sounds like he is nursing a very bad cold and thus cannot be understood by many (except perhaps those in the masses who don't care because OMG LYK FALL OUT BOY TOTALLY ROCKZZZZ!!!11111ONEONE)
Fall Out Boy should fall out a window and die.
by dissused April 03, 2006
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Kickass band from Chicago, famous for "dead on arrival" and "grand theft autumn". You can see fall out boy at warped tour
"fall out boy is for lovers!"

"d00d did u c FOB at warped? it was AWSOME"

"where is your boy tonight i hope he is a gentleman and maybe he wont find out what i know- you were the last good thing about this part of town"
by Jen August 28, 2004
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a very good band, formed in 2001 when pete wentz (bass player) got sick of the hardcore scene in chicago. not an emo band...pop-punkish. members: andrew john hurley-drummer, joseph trohman-guitar, peter lewis kingston wentz III-bass and backup vocals, partick martin stump(h)-guitar and vocals. albums: evening out with your girlfriend, take this to your grave, from under the cork tree
I'm sooo excited i just got tickets to the fall out boy concert!
by petewetnzismine May 05, 2006
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worst band ever. lead singer w/ extremly high pitched voice. if not for the guitar work, songs would be confused with those of Nsync or 98 degrees.
guy : fallout boy is fucking queer.
girl : shuuut upppp! fallout boy rox my sox!
gay guy: yea totally!
by aaron September 19, 2004
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A totally insane kick ass band. They don't get much better then FOB.
"Dude! i just got tickets to a FALL OUT BOY concert!! woooooaaah!"
by Roxy May 29, 2004
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