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In Alberta, particularly but not exclusive to Calgary metropolitan area, a "fake" acreage. People that build McMansions on ~1-5 acres of land on the outskirts of Calgary, such as Bearspaw to the west of the city and claim they live on an acreage. In actuality an acreage in Alberta is many acres of land to be used for ranching or other traditional agricultural type purposes, not a plot of (usually) barren land to show off one's large, obnoxious looking house which is typically an awful mishmash of architectural styles and in poor taste. People buy fakerages probably because they want a faux "rural" lifestyle but with the amenities and proximity to a large metropolitan area.
Bill: "So I'm buying an acreage out in Bearspaw. It's pretty sweet, the house is like 8,000 square feet on 2 acres of land!"

Tom: "Bill, I think you mean you're buying a fakerage."

Bill: :(
by Wigs-SSP August 11, 2011
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