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A fake-over is when a person has a make-over using a multitude of props such as hair extensions, breast implants, fake eyelashes, spray tans, false nails, collagened lips and coloured contacts. This results in a fake/plastic/Barbie-like look completely different to the person's natural appearance. Very popular with aspirant "actresses" and "models", as well as bored, rich ladies of leisure.
Candy has completed her fake-over and now is indistinguishable from all the other girls at the casting.
by Rock Amethyst May 26, 2011
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Similar to a makeover; the touching-up of a person to make him or her seem much more attractive than in reality.

Done directly before a photoshoot, often making the person look nothing like he or she looks in real life.
Jamie: What's Jessica doing today?
Andrea: She's getting a fakeover and taking photos with Alex. The photos will probably end up on MySpace by tomorrow.
by drubear October 26, 2008
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The process of pretending that Rangers Football Club (a Scottish soccer team) are about to be taken over. The goal is actually to distract supporters from the reality that the club is about to become insolvent related to a decade of tax fraud.
The Huns are all excited again. They really believe in the fakeover.
by Victor_Arbuckle May 01, 2011
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