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Marker for a closing remark or afterthought placed at the end of a forum message.

An internet forum neologism with approximately the same function as a traditional postscript (ps). As with postscripts (pps), multiple fake edits can be and often are stacked after a post, although the conventions for doing so aren't really standardized.

The most pressing need for the postscript faded away with the advent of word processors, which added the ability to simply insert a later thought directly into its proper location in the body of a message. Still, the convention lingers on, though interpretation of whether a particular instance is the result of pure habit, of mild laziness, or of a desire to draw attention to a particular point will depend on its context.

Posted by: GibsonOnBass, Feb 25, 2009

We were in the 8th row at the concert, and I gotta say they put on one hell of a show. I wasn't a fan of theirs before, but now I'd definitely drive a couple hours to catch them again!

Fake edit: Thanks for the heads-up on the bargain tickets, Steffie!
by Alfred F. February 25, 2009
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