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One that u hope gets gonnasiphilaids
OMG u fakboi fucking KYS
by FakBoi September 04, 2016
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The word that Asians use for Fuck boys .The kids in your school that use popular slang terms. They sometimes listen to rap music and usually wear $100 cloths to school. They are the more poplar side of kids. To counter there roast just say" at least I passing my classes and have a future ahead of me".
Ching: Man I am sick of these kids in this school.
Ling: What do you mean?
Ching: You know the cancer of the school.
Ling: Oh you mean the popular kids.
Ching: Yea all of them are assholes
Ling: SHHHHHHHHHH here comes one.
John: Whats up nerds
Ching: Shut up Fakboi!
John: Shut up and watch anmie or something
Ling: Hows that D- in Science?......Can your even spell science
by Thenoodles April 03, 2017
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