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'fajou' (pronounced fah-zhoo) is similar to, and a possible alternate for: 'cool' -- and is a word that has generally positive connotations but can be used in an equivalent number of diverse situations and circumstances.

The origin of the meaning derives from a rather splendid and marvelous two-week cruise of the Caribbean during the unique and extraordinary overlap of Carnaval and a total eclipse of the sun in Guadeloupe and Antigua in February 1998. The name of the 47-foot catamaran open-boat chartered out of Point-a-Pitre was ... Fajou

As the boat became a vessel which brought all kinds of adventures, celebrations, events, some drama and mishaps, but lots of chilling out and tranquil absence of stress of any kind, the thorough immersion in that experience became identified with the concept of ... Fajou !

Fajou, like 'cool', has any number of meanings:

1. Fajou ! -- ( "cool !") Positive support and reinforcement

2. Fajouuuu -- ( "coool ..." ) Wistful and enchanted, most appreciative

3. FaJOU ! -- said curtly -- similar to "Hey !", or 'be cool'

4. Fajou -- said evenly -- general agreement, nodding of head

5. Can be used as a salutation, greeting, or parting thought, as in the wishing of all things 'fajou'
A: "How are things ?"
B: "Fajou, bro"

"Check out that sunset ... fajouuuu"

A: "Did you get more beer at the store? "
B: "Yep".
A: "Fajou"

(to someone talking during a movie): "fajou ! I am trying to listen to the dialog"
by Tahoe Blue April 13, 2010
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