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a word used to describe someone who is acting like a faggot and a dick at the same time.
This term can also apply to cars or spaceships that are shaped like a penis.
Wow.He just cockblocked that guy what a fajjot.

That weinermobile looks awefully like a fajjot.
by neeeeeenja September 21, 2009
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A colloquial term for the aggressive reference to homosexual men "faggot" by people who work in the service industry, specifically kitchens.

This term was designed to call other members of the line brigade a faggot while customers on the other side of the open line would not be subject to homosexual slurs while enjoying dinner. This has made its way into the mainstream lexicon because of the new politically correct movement which was brought on by the millennial movement.
Those dudes order salads instead of the steak special, must be a bunch of fajjots.

Listen up you fajjots, I need that shit right now and i need you to shut your fajjot mouths and get back to work.
by EndoChronic May 12, 2018
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