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an ungodly type of whore that molests cats.
a "faithgerhart" can also has a very wide-set ass, and has the will-power to constantly immagine office furnuture (for example, files) humping eachother at a vast rate.
the faithgerhart in the room: "i just shoved 6 taquitos up my pisshole!"

some chick named Jesskah: "why did you have to up 6 up there? you ungodly whore, you. 6 is very close in relation to 666. you fucking ungodly whore. go molest your damn cat, and masturbate to office furniture (for example files) humping eachother."

some chick named Carrie: "damn. you bitches need to stop faithgerharting."

some chick named Jesskah: "wtf? im not immagining office furniture humping!!!!!!!!!" *points to the faithgerhart in the room*

some (fe)male like figure named patrick: "ladies stop bickering, just look up 'clit ring' on google immages. my dad who works at google that im in love with added it on just for my mother's pleasure"

some chick named jesskah: "do you want a donut, nooblet?!?"

some (fe)male like figure named patrick: "fuck yea. then we'll look up 'clit ring' on google immages.!."

by Dhruv Goswamy March 21, 2008
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