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well its pretty much the same Fair Enough, but its Fairy Snuff.
Girl: Hey! what you been up to?
Girl 2:Helloooo, uh, nothing much.
Girl: ah fairy snuff!
by yellowelephants November 07, 2009
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A word meaning Fair enough fairy snuff is a common mis pronnoniciation of fair enough but is more fun any way
hmm fairysnuff, hmm thats fairysnuff
by GemmaPuddleduck August 18, 2006
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a synonym of Cocaine. emphasising its "imaginative" attributes whilst being disguised as a different way of saying 'fair enough' at the same time.
"would one like to partake in some form of controlled substance abuse session??"

deffo! fairy snuff!!!
by stakzent March 12, 2011
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