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The Jolene Dolly Parton wrote about. However, men leaving their girlfriends for her ain't her fault. She doesn't want 'em anyway. If they'll leave you for her, they'd leave her for someone else later on. Basically, that's how cheaters operate. !!Testify!!.... Faira's really a cool girl, hard-working, beautiful, resourceful. You either love her or hate her. 99% love her.
As in, Don't hate on the girl that steals your man. Faira's probably done you a favor. If she can get 'im, let her have him!
by puffery February 08, 2010
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Someone who is untrustworthy. Usually small and likes to steal everybodies boyfriend. Stuck-up snob, annoying,conceded,thinks the world revovles around her,squeeky, iky all around. And likes the color pink.
by God's friggen Angels February 08, 2009
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