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This peculiar term is very confusing. Even the creators of this term aren't quite sure what it REALLY means.

A person who is going to beat someone else may be serving them a tray of fail muffins. Or perhaps just one fail muffin. It depends on the size of the fail.

Or, it usually is used to describe something that really sucks.

You might tell someone to eat a fail muffin if they do something dumb. Or, you know, fail.
"Biology eats the fail muffin."
"Haha yeah, I hate Bio."

" a fail muffin dude.."

"I'm gonna beat you so bad"
"No way man! I'm gonna serve you a fail muffin!"
by Emily Taylor June 21, 2008
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failmuffin is the best thing u can call ur friend... especially if they love the word "fail" and overuse it... but they are the bestest friends and they recognize ur true achievements

a pet name for some1 u think is cuter than a muffin with googly eyes but wold fail at being a muffin because they are too awesome and actively human-esque...
Elena: *says something dumb*
Elena: oh right, ur my little failmuffin!
Me: huh?

Elena: *does an epic flip*
Maeve: ohhhh rite FAILMUFFIN!!! YAY not fail :) :) :)

Tom: awww ur my little failmuffin!
Katie: awwww thnx! ur my little epic-love
by the_original_failmuffin June 02, 2009
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When you fail so bad you could die sitting in your own muffins. Also refering to failing less than fail muffin. Look up fail cake.
Did you see Justin Biebers concert last night?

Yea he was a fail muffin!
by fat weiner yayayayayayayaya April 29, 2011
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