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A word for describing the act of, or indeed the weapon of, sexual intercourse. 'Full faigan' is full penetrative sex, and the emphasis in this case should be in the 'FULL'.

'Half faigan' is used less often, and it's actual meaning can altered according to the circumstances, e.g. oral sex could be described as half faigan, as could mutual masturbation.

To 'faig' is to have sexual contact of some description.

The word 'faigan' can also be used to describe an erect penis.
"Look at the tits on that, I'd love to give her FULL faigan"

"Did you score last night?" "Yup, but she wouldn't put out, I only got half faigan"

"If you don't watch out, I'm going to faig you. Full."

"Where do you think you're putting that? You can't stick your faigan up my arse!!"
by mullboy September 04, 2009
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