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a metro sexual male...that acts like republican but is actually a democrat. they buy overpriced clothes that are horrible quality and goddamn gay. they look like a baby bird and get their haircut every week when its not even long. they take chicks with one arm to baseball games. they act like they liek sports but yet they only go to sporting events for the greasy fattening overpriced food. they waste all of their money on food that they dont even eat and spill it in other peoples expensove cars and houses. and they also spend loads of money on clothes that are purposely stained and ripped for style. everytime they drive...they crash and then sue when they arent even hurt. they spend the won money on BMW's and spend thousands on therapy they dont need...stricly for attention. they are basically gay
look at that fahringer...goddamn are they gay...haha dude they look liek a baby bird...does that chick have one arm??
by doublechin August 17, 2007
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Being a completly New butt rocker on Halo 2
Man you just got owned like a Fahringer!
by Michael Moore March 29, 2005
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