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a word i made up myself it sounds spanish if u say it correctly its the 2 english words (fuck) and (no) combined together which forms into awesome fahikno its my own made up slang spanish word only few people besides me know this word but pretty soon every one world wide will know my awesome word hehehehe
spanish teacher:talks too student do you know the answer too the next question ?

student:looks the spanish teacher straight in the eye and replies FAHIKNOOO !!!

the whole class starts bursting up into laughter

spanish teacher:confused as fuck doesnt even know wtf the kid just said and asks what did u say senor ?

student replies once again FAHIKNOOO PUTA MADRE VETE A LA VERGA WEY !!!

the whole class starts bursting up into laughter again.

spanish teacher sends student too vice principle on a referral of foul bad potty mouth and puts down fahikno undefined word he has a dumb look on his face like wtf does this word mean lmfao

the correct way too pronounce it is (fa heek no)
by sk8a13x515 March 26, 2011
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