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fag·uito (f?g'w?to)
n. slang.
1. A homosexual skilled at the sport of water polo.
2. An italian homosexual.
3. An old car.

Origins: When in high school, a young Bobby K. for the first time in the world blurted out the now famous word "faguito". Now used accross the nation, Bobby sits comfortably on his piles of cash.
Bobby:(to Xavier) "I bet that faguito crossing the street wants some testicles!"
Xavier: "You know it!"
Mario: "Hey, I feel like eating some home made italian BSP(Big Sausage Pizza)"
Xavier: "You know it!"
Hardcore half gangster half donkey: "Look at my pimp car, hee-haw"
Bobby: (whispers to Xavier) "That's nothing but a faguito"
Xavier: "You know it!"
Hardcore half gangster half donkey: "What you say, nigga shit?!?!"
Xavier: "nothin"
Bobby: "You know it!"
by Xavier L February 23, 2006
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