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One who is simultaneously a fag, tool, and douche. That is, a loathsome poser who either tries too hard to be liked and fit in, all the while oblivious to the fact that everyone else finds him insufferable; or who thinks that he is in charge, again unaware that no one respects him. The fagtouche's cringeworthy words and deeds make him the laughingstock among his peers.
"My boss is such a fagtouche; he pulled that nonsensical policy straight out of his ass."

"Randy and Paul got in another pissing contest yesterday over who's more in charge, and then afterward Randy came to us bitching about what a cock Paul is."
"God, what a pair of fagtiche."

"Yo wassup dudes, can I hang witchoo?"
"Fuck off and die, fagtouche."

"Did you hear about that guy who broke his ankles rollerblading?"
"Rollerblading is fagtouchey enough... the ankles are just icing on the cake."
by p. orlofsky December 21, 2008
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