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The "sport" of douchebags. Uniform consists of polo shirts with obnoxious logos on them, sagging cargo shorts, and Sperry shoes with socks that come up almost to the knee, or other "swag" clothing. Participants often falsely claim to be athletically gifted. Regrettable tattoo is optional but very common. The "goal of the game" is to be as annoying as possible. The ones best at faggotball are known as the captains.
Person 1: "Yeah, I totally beat these 5 guys at basketball all by myself the other day" -pushes up Aeropostale polo sleeves to reveal misspelled tattoo-

Person 2: "Look, it's the faggotball captain"
by Harrison10 September 11, 2013
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Someone; usually male that shows no bravery or courage.

This person tends to shy away from anything half dangerous or exciting.

You usually find said person in the corner of a room or behind a sofa.

Loves an excuse.
Person A: Go and chat to that girl, she keeps looking at you

Faggotballs: No, I don't want to. I'm not feeling up for it tonight. I have a sore throat.

Person A: What the fucks wrong with you, take your mincy little faggot balls over there and get some!!!!
by Abbzman October 18, 2011
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