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A genre of music originating from hardcore roots. This musical genre is ridden with talentless musicians who rely solely on trends and fads to get their fifteen minutes of fame.
Fadcore bands are easy to pick out due to the simplistic nature of their writing style, stolen stage presence, and/or recycled breakdowns.

Most of these bands rely heavily on something that is catchy to their target market for about three weeks, then it becomes unbearable to listen to and boring after enough listens.
Joe: Hey man what do you think about this Isetmyfriendsonfire song?
Bob: Yeah, it's pretty catchy and I like it enough to see them live.
(three weeks later)

Joe: God damn that was the lamest fucking concert I've ever been to.
Bob: Yeah, the vocalist sounds like someone is stepping on his throat.

(A few days later in Joe's car)
Joe: Hey man what do you think about this Asking Alexandria song?
*music plays* OH MY GOD
Bob: Holy shit this is the best music ever!
(After a few weeks)
Joe: I'm sick and tired of listening to this one stringed chanting recycled breakdown fadcore bullshit.
Bob: Yeah fuck this band, let the fourteen year old girls listen to and waste their money on this pathetic excuse for a band.
by vintagehardcorekid February 26, 2011
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