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to facilitate and manipulate concurrently in order to ensure the facilitator's agenda is achieved by the end of a meeting or session.
The Board Chair facipulated the meeting by asking loaded questions that reflected her position on the issue being discussed. Therefore, no one voiced his or her contrary opinion on the issue and, instead, decided to support the Chair's position as it seemed the politically wise thing to do.
by L. Miller June 16, 2008
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1. To facilitate a process toward the outcome you prefered to begin with.

2. To willfully guide a freethinking group through a negotiation that ends exactly where you planned it to end.

3. To get your way in a group that leaves the negotiation thinking you helped them get their desired outcome.
1. "Let me help you do that, my way."

2. I wanted to go to Chipolte with my friends for some lunch. They wanted Chick-fil-a. I facipulated the situation by proposing we go on Sunday. With Chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays, it was open season on Chipolte's beef burrito.
by jv - 'bird of prey' April 14, 2011
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When a facilitator of a meeting or process manipulates or uses manipulation tactics during the process to achieve their own agenda rather than acting in an impartial way.
My supervisor completely facipulated our team meeting today when we discussed what goals our team was going to pursue going forward.
I know that the company isn't promoting work from home initiatives, but my plan is to facipulate the employee survey in order to over turn this notion.
by HiDeeBug July 01, 2013
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