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Latin, 'I make dolls'
or alternatively, 'I do little girls'

Originating in a Latin Bowl type event now infamous in Latin clubs purportedly across the nation, the scene begins in a quiet room, wherein a panel of judges, and three team, one from Nebraska, one from Missouri i think, and one from Virginia.

Judges ask a question that has now been lost to time.

All three teams stare a each other, none knowing a definate answer.

One student from the Nebraskan team buzzes in, and everyone stares at him, mostly because he was chosen for his ability to occupy a chair, not to answer questions.

Student: "Facio pupas?" intended to mean "I make dolls", which was wrong anyway.

Everyone, including the judges, burst into laughter, all except the stick-up-their-bum Virginians, who are all indignant at the thought of humor in a classroom setting.
Everyone immediately heard the students answer as the more common translations "I do little girls".

Now, in any Latin-related setting, answering a question with "Facio pupas?" is the quivelent of "I don't know."
"Ubi habitas?"

"Facio pupas?"
by Ctrl-Alt-Elite February 06, 2008
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