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1. the ultimate combination of the vernacular phrase "Oh Jeez", the common reaction "facepalm", and the somewhat obscure but still important "ellipses". Performed by doing a facepalm with your right hand as you say "oh jeez" and shake your head. With your left hand, you air-draw ellipses ("...")
2. a response to someone who has uttered something so ridiculously lame/stunning that a combination of reactions must be used.

* the second L in "ellipses" was dropped for the sake of smoother typing
AN: *sigh*... another dream deferred.
WG: What dream are you talking about?
AN: ...
WG: What's he talking about?!
DE: I'm not sure, but I think it's like a dream he can't have.
WG: But what dream is he talking about?!
DE: Or maybe it's a dream he's deferring 'til later. I dunno he says it about anything.
AN: *facejelipses*
by Kum Louis January 18, 2010
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