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to stalk someone on a social networking site; to constantly check or post status updates on a social network page, to 'like' or comment on every post you see; a form of social dysfunction brought about by communicating solely electronically with society via email, websites/blogs, or text while never having a public or phone conversation. a common practice of people recently married, graduated, or under 40 who use social networking sites to find classmates from grade school just to add them to their 'friends' list.

it is a term with many uses, so it is always containing a description of such behavior, with the term being redundantly extra added uselessness jargon spouted by anti-social vapid sociopaths to describe their own actions when performed by others; usually to make it seem as if everyone does this.
this guy won't stop facefucking my bookspace page- i just met him last week!

that person updates their status from their phone every hour. i swear they do nothing but facefuck their bookspace page all day.

i met this girl online, and i've been trying to meet her but when i call she only responds via text or email. she's probably a nutjob who never meets anyone but facefucks everyone's bookspace page.

i recently saw somebody from high school i barely knew- we weren't even friends but now all he does is facefuck my bookspace page!
by facemyspacepagebooktwit January 20, 2011
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