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When one feels the obsessive need to go for holidays parties and do 'meaningfull' or 'fun' things in thier lives only in order to put up pictures of these events on facebook for other people to see and feel jealous of, one is then said to have been facebookdotcommed by ones obsession to live ones life wholly on facebook only for others viewing purposes!
girl 1 :my life sucks!! everyone else seems to be having so much more fun !...... I want to put up more pictures on facebook!!

girl2 :oh boyy! u are so facebookdotcommed.

girl3 (realises shes facebookdotcommed) : I am so facebookdotcommed!!..... I dont seem to enjoy my self anymore anywhere if i dont have a camera!!! to post pics later!.......Maybe I need to get a real life.

girl2: oh boyy! u need to go on a facebookation

girl 2 then walks out and secretly goes online to check for new notifications on the pics she posted last night.(she is so facebookdotcommed!!!)
by urkaron April 16, 2010
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