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1. a slut without all the bad traits.
A fabuslut is a girl who owns all boys, crosses all the names off her TO-DO! list and adds more thereafter. She can tell you about how she fucked her friend's boyfriend, her piano teacher and a frat guy in one night yet you'll still love her.
YES, they are easy. NO, they are not dirty.

Fabusluts usually don't mean to start drama, but sometimes it happens. They can't help it if they are nymphs (and nymphomaniacs)

2. Something fabulous and hot
1. Girl: "ugh, i can't believe patricia hooked up with colin!!! so lucky!!"
Girl2: "meh...she's such a fabuslut...i hate her"

2. Salesboy: "look at these new roxy jeans! they are so fresh and fabuSLUT!!!!"
by liljohnWHAT April 11, 2006
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