You really don't want to know about F Titties
"How was the hookup last night?"

"Bro, she had some F Titties"

*throws up*
by F Titties R Us December 23, 2017
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Used to express surprise, digust etc esp. in a comedy nature
See "Team America": As Michael Moore blows up Mount Rushmore, Spotswoode declares "Jesus Titty Fuckin....", just as the bomb goes off.
by David Hunt August 24, 2005
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Finding a nice girl in any state kiddnapping her and bringing her to terre haute indiana then titty fucking her agaist her will till you ejaculate on her chin
Last week on my buissness trip too ohio I met this chick and im totally going to give her a terre haute titty f*ck after my 5 oclock meeting
by Cmosier528 January 19, 2016
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