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She was a very pretty girl- and everyone knew that at first sight that she was a well-behaved lady:
Her face was young without one blemish to mar it’s perfectly pale complexion. Her shoulders were broad and she held her noble head high with the air of confidence. Her brow was soft, quizzical, and serene with purity and wisdom. Her jaw was set and her mouth was thin, straight, and the color of the Joseph’s Coat rose. And then her eyes- they were shining brightly , they looked through you without fear as if they already knew what they were to find and that you should be very ashamed of whatever it was that found her judging gaze. Her eyes became oceans- and lakes and rivers but then- you would not doubt if they could become the spark that set forests and wildernesses wildly ablaze when her spirit was kindled in anger. Her dress was simple and her bonnet old and bleached from its long days in sun and yet- her array looked finer than a queen’s. She was very sensible and simple. She was beyond perfection.
I haven't seen someone like her. She is so ezzette !
by happybirthdaybaby December 09, 2013
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