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the most incredible thing in the entire universe, the answer to every question, the question to every answer, the meaning of life itself. It is the physical element of what thought is. It is past, present, and future while still being all dimensional itself. If all god’s and goddesses existed from all religions, this would be the god for THEM. It is all love, all beauty and all hatered. So powerful that no one can speak its name fluently while doing many many backflips. For who ever does so, will be the god or goddess of the entire universe itself. It takes only ONE physical form when it wants to interact with the physical world and the people. He is known by many as the dick butt... the greatest and most powerful entity in the entire multiverse.
So... how do you say eyeitsjtsitsjtsjtwhrwhrqhtshrsjydiydiysjtwhrqhrqvrqhtsutsitzigdigdihfoufohfoufpigpigpitoutoyruteurwurqyrqryyrqyrwutwjtskydkhdmgsjfsjgzjgzhfsjtsjtwhrwutsjtdiydoufuppigpigpufpupfutupoufrouroyyidtisutsutssitidy Again?
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