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Continually bashing your ex to others, even though it's only a matter of time before you take them back no matter how badly they treated you, i.e. cheating multiple times, abuse, immature behavior.
Even though she had just finalized her divorce after being cheated on multiple times, it was all just exgames as they recently got back together.
by Reg Fields April 06, 2013
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The interactions you have with an ex-girlfrend of ex-boyfriend after you have broken up with them. If amidst these interactions it looks like you are doing better than your ex after the break up then it can be said that you won the ex-games or a certain ex-games event.
Rob: Hey Dave, isnt that your ex, Katie eating alone over there?
Dave: Yeah, that's her. I walked by and talked to her a few minutes ago. She sounds miserable. I'm totally winning the ex-games.
by BChabs April 21, 2009
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ex games is the feeble attempt to hang out with an ex, knowing they will most likely play games with your head to get what they want
what are you doing tonight? - gonna go hang out with the ex- ahh so your playing ex games
by dajoker June 25, 2009
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