A dysfunctional condition created when those of extreme wealth such as the 0.1% use their power and enablers to disproportional influence beholden politicians to generate highly distorted institutional policies that unfairly favor those with the highest concentrations of wealth at expense of society as a whole. This is especially true when they use their power to hurt those most in need. An example, of such a policy, maybe to borrow a trillion and a half during an economic boom to give a tax break to the wealthiest of wealthy. While at the same time eliminating much of the safety net and greatly increasing the cost of higher education for the middle class during times of most need.

The methods they use to get what they want include, but are not limited to:
1. Pure Corruption and bribery.
2. Semi-legal Corruption and cronyism.
3. Rigging political institutions to do their bidding.
4. Election security and all types of contributions.
5. Setting the election agenda for politicians based on divisive issues, then make them do the bidding of the rich when win.

6. Rigging the election system.
7. Selective enforcement and interpretation of the law. Create legal barriers for the poor.
Excessive wealth disorder biggest problem is not that it preserves and protects those with wealth, it is that the preferred method is to promote unfair advantages and subsidies and often environmental destruction. Often they promote dysfunctional and hostile government practices to assure citizens do not go to the government for solutions.
by mlhiss June 22, 2019
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