"Just like Mozart mastered the piano to make beautiful music, an Excel Master mastered Excel to make beautiful spreadsheets." -jh

An Excel Master makes a layman's Excel spreadsheet look like a paper towel after cleaning up a pizza party gone to the dogs.

Typically, Excel Masters hold their former Excel spreadsheets dear to their heart.

Since an Excel Master may have a special fondness of numbers and organization, they make great co-workers and friends.
Step back!---Jon's creating an Excel Masterpiece and you know that means; Mozart is rolling in his grave. It's okay Mozart, we'll play your Piano Concerto No. 24 at the unveiling of Jon's latest Excel Masterpiece.

Why didn't you tell me that Jon's an Excel Master? I spent the past hour working on this sloppy spreadsheet, while he's over there like a wizard using his Excel Mastery arts.
by SP@RKLE February 11, 2017
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