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Evon is the girl with the prettiest hair, the best smile, and the amazing personality. They are normally great at tennis and may have a brother pretty similar in age. Evons are normally carefree and very intelligent. The two things they stress about are tests and guys. Evons normally are self conscious about their appearance, but are really amazingly gorgeous. They are well loved and amazing friends.
1. That girl is soooo Evon
2. I'm so jealous of Evon, she has it all
by Singingmulan March 07, 2014
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The person you love and will not give up they usually like diamonds and they live in California. Evon are usually perfect and someone you can count on and they have a care for animals and people and they usually will become famous or rich in some way.
Evon your so the perfect
by DF DF D December 20, 2017
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A French-ass name
Evon?! That’s a French-ass name, girl!
by Brussl December 14, 2018
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