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The Evil conservative is an exceedingly wicked person who gains in his or her personal career by advancing injustice and cruelty to a marginalized segment of society. These people are exceedingly cruel and heartless because they are kicking and destroying what is ALWAYS MARGINALIZED AND defenseless. (Thus, for example, amputees who are poor do not get prosthetic appliances because NEOCONwar plans of world conquest need support, even though the wealthy elities get massive tax refunds, during the same war period.)The primary weapon of the evil conservative is, of course, evil, which begins, invariably, with slander. Slander need not be as defined at American law, it is the deliberate degrading of another human being to sub human status, to a status low enough to "legitimize" all others kicking and destroying them. To an evil conservative a human being cannot change, reform, he or she is defined by the greatest mistake they ever made. Thus, for example, it isn't "murder of a human being" if you kill a drug addict, to the evil neoconservative, it's killing a lower life form known as a drug addict. Examples of evil conservatives are Dick Cheney (quite possibly the most wicked man to ever live), Don Rumsfeld (a very, very close runner up), I "Scooter" Libby, (who is being prosecuted for his wickedness) Douglas Feith (a exceedingly sinister devil), David Wurmser (a known closet neofascist), Richard Perl (he's just insane or quite possibly possessed by the Devil), the entire GOP Congress (an exceedingly evil bunch of wicked conservatives), and 3/4 of all sitting judges on any modern American Court ( who say they are bound to follow wicked and evil laws even though when the Nuremburg Judges of fascist Germany did it by obeying the Nuremburg Laws American-led justice sentenced them to life in prison, saying the courts had a duty to not follow evil law.)
Did you know that Richard Cheney made sure the Social Security Administration changed its rules to make sure that all disabled amputees who are not indpendently wealthy were treated with deliberate cruelty?

No, I didn't, what did he do?

He made them change their rules to say that a man missing a leg isn't disabled IF an artificial leg, that he doesn't have and the SSA won't pay for and he cannnot afford to buy it and won't have one in order to work, would enable him to work and he is, therefore, NOT DISABLED!

That evil conservative! Why did he do that?

Because Dick Cheney wants the American government to resemble his father, the Devil.
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 27, 2006
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