Every one thinks that Evergay is a really gud school but it Ain’t. Lot of cocky f boys here.... Compared to Silver creek we are even.... minus the fact that they are better at sports then us... They got less judgmental people... have better dancers and people..... Yea its true we suck at sports.... First battle of the axes against Silver Creek and we lost.... Really bad. The ppl in Evergreen may be more popular and clout but the Ppl in Silver creek are less judgmental... More diverse. Everyone jus minds there owm business..... Love creek. And our Evergreen cheerleader s S U C K
Jason: Wait what school are we versuing?

Lason: Broooo why ru at the game if u dnt even kno who we r versuing
Jason: Well IDK but there school is beating our ass in football.. N their cheerleaders r hot I might have to Slide...
Lanson: O facts. The ppl on their bleachers seem chill 2. Look at our side.....
*Both looks at Evergreen side bleacher*
Jason: Man we r cocky af
Lanson: Yeah f Evergay man

Jason: Lez transfer to Silver Creek. Evergreen Highschool sux
by SadlyPartOfEverGAY September 16, 2018
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EHS is one of a kind. We got an average of a 3.8 GPA, many state champs and a whole lotta kids with a whole lotta love. We got a number of Blue Ribbon Awards and a juul addiction that won’t quit. We’ve been through hell and back this last year. We’ve lost some of our best friends, and from that we learned how to love eachother. We fucking slay at sports, care about our grades, and everyone knows everyone. Yeah we may only hang out at pnr, watershed and soda creek, but this town kids want to leave so badly, they soon realize is an irreplaceable home that they will hold in their hearts forever❤️
A: who’s that?
B: that’s fucking evergreen high school and damn I wish I went there because they love eachother
by RefrigerateOrInseminate July 26, 2018
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