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Worse than the proverbial money-swindling Evangelists out there, Evandalists are tater-tot-brained religious sycophants given to vandalizing and wreaking havoc on places or things they find to slightly offend, defile or violate their beliefs and religious philosophies in some smallish or largely offensive way.

The stereotypical Evandalist is one who has not evolved mentally from the same time the Crusades were occurring - shares and carries those beliefs/actions with other mongloid-minded Evandalists who profess the same determined and aggressively retarded thinking against other people of different religious/non-religious denomination.

Evandalists can be put on the same tier as your typical and misguided White Power enthusiast, the same level as any group of hoodrat thugs in any ghetto awaiting any person they can f*ck with or the same branch as any run-of-the-mill celebrity youth gone wild. All are equally useless in the world and we'd all be better off with them shot into space.
I visited Medford on Monday evening to get her take on another vandalization of the Adopt-A-Highway Atheists United sign on the Glendale (2) Freeway. This time, the sign on the southbound side had been defaced by over-enthusiastic or just really bored Evandalists.
by AntiEvandalist May 20, 2010
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